Getting Started

chartOur philosophy here at Wealth Solution Partners is to know our clients and understand their lifestyle needs and expectations so that we can play a well-informed role in managing their financial affairs. We believe if we work towards your goals as our own, we can deliver the financial and lifestyle outcomes you seek.

Step 1. Initial consultation

We offer you a free 1 hour initial consultation to understand your present financial position. This includes the gathering of information to identify you dreams, goals and financial objectives.

Issues we may need to consider include:

  • Desired income and asset levels
  • Your preferred risk profile
  • Future expenses (education, vehicles, holidays etc)
  • Upgrading your home
  • Accumulating assets levels
  • Maintaining your lifestyle against rises in inflation

From your initial appointment you can determine whether or not you wish to proceed.

Step 2. Your Options and Solutions

Having identified your goals and objectives, and assessed your financial situation your adviser will formulate an overall strategy.

Your individual financial plan will be presented as a Statement of Advice (SOA) and provides clearly identified recommendations relating to your objectives. It will also recommend any actions necessary to remedy shortfalls in capital or income.

Step 3. Tailored Implementation

Where you decide to then implement the recommendations we made in your SOA, there will be additional work or services that need to be provided.

Step 4. Ongoing Reviews

Depending on your requirements we can provide different levels of ongoing service. In deciding which level of ongoing service you require you can choose how often you would like us to undertake a review of your financial situation. We recommend that reviews should be undertaken at least every 12 months.

Two Levels of Service are available:

  1. Private Client Service (PCS)
    Members receive our full suite of ongoing services and advice for a set annual fee.  It provides structured regular advice and reviews to keep you working towards your goals and objectives as your situation changes.
  2. Review Service (RS)
    This service gives you the ability to have your full financial position or any specific parts reviewed by us.  The Review Service does not provide any structured or regular reviews.  You initiate future reviews as you require assistance.  You are charged a fee that is dependent on the type of advice or service that is provided.