Retirement Income

Retirement income is income derived in retirement from a pension, investments or a combination of both. The government’s retirement policy incorporates certain types of investments that are approved income streams with special advantages. These include account based pensions and life expectancy annuities.

Aged Care Strategies

We can assist you and your family in setting up Aged Care accommodation that includes the special needs and requirements that are unique to the elderly. This broad term encompasses such services as entering into an independent living unit, assisted living or long term care (nursing home).  As part of our service we will assist you in the completion of application forms and all related financial matters.

Estate planning

Estate planning is more than just making a plan to distribute certain assets to certain people upon your death. A complete estate plan will allow you to retain control of your assets through testamentary trusts, help minimise tax liability and give consideration to what should be included in a legal Will. It also enables you to appoint an executor/s and make provisions for a power of attorney should you become unable to make decisions in the future.