​​Estate Planning

​Leave your loved ones a well planned estate

A complete estate plan will allow you to transfer your estate to your chosen beneficiaries, help minimise tax liability and give consideration to what should be included in a legal Will.

A well planned estate is crucial and can provide both clarity and direction. It enables you to appoint an executor/s and make provisions for a power of attorney should you become unable to make decisions in the future. It can also reduce the chance for potential conflict and disappointment when your estate is finalised.

We discuss:
Blended Families
Estranged Family
Multiple Partners
Who is dependent that could contest your Will
Different business / tax structures
Ownership of key assets

Knowing that your assets will be distributed how you intended will provide you with peace of mind knowing your affairs truly are in order. There are many strategies that can be put into place to ensure that your estate can be administered with the least amount of stress and effort when the time comes. We are not solicitors and do not draw up Wills, however, by working in conjunction with your legal adviser you can be sure that you leave your estate in a way that will make the best provisions for your loved ones.

Estate planning is more than just making a plan to distribute certain assets to certain people upon your death.